How to extend your spray tan life

Who doesn’t wanna have a lovely, sun-kissed tan? Sunless tanning has been promoted as the best and safer alternative to sunbathing. Spray tanning is said to be the fastest and easiest way to get that bronze color you have been wishing for. Research findings also suggest that spray tanning may be a more effective way of reducing skin cancer. Many people however complain that their tan fades within few days making it so expensive due to regular applications. Here are some tips for making your bronze last longer.

Wear loose clothing and pedicure friendly shoes

The beauty of a spray tan is to avoid tan lines. It’s so frustrating to walk out of your appointment and realize that your bra strap left a little line on your shoulders. For better results put on a loose t-shirt or a dress. If you must put on bra you should let them hang free for you to have a tan all over your body. When it comes to shoes it gets even trickier. If you realize that you have strap lines due to the type of shoe you wore just exfoliate your feet until the color is even.

Get your skin in the best condition

Getting a long lasting tan starts way before going to the salon. This simply means that you should get your skin in the best condition before treatment. The better the skin condition the longer lasting tan you get. Three days before your spray tan you should start exfoliating and ensure that any shaving is done 24 hours prior the tan application. This gives you the desirable dark pore look everyone yearns for.

Go to your appointment cleaned and buffed

Exfoliate your skin 7 hours before the application. Take a shower after exfoliation since this allows the skin to be at the right pH balance for self-tanner development. On the day of your treatment avoid using a heavy lotion as this can really interfere with your tan development. If possible do not put on any lotion for the tan to develop evenly for a glossy look.

Avoid deodorant

When going for your treatment you should avoid using any deodorant. If you must use them ask your technician to give you wipes to remove lotion and deodorant. A deodorant causes uneven color and also makes your tan to fade faster. The only cosmetics you put on during treatment is the eye makeup only since it cannot be a barrier to even tanning.


Exfoliation helps in ensuring that your tan fades evenly. You should gently exfoliate for three days to make sure no color built up in undesired areas.

Don’t sweat

Avoid heavy exercises that lead to sweating since they deplete the life of your tan. Maintain your glow by applying a gradual tanner. After taking a shower apply your gradual tanner on the wet skin wait for some minutes and rinse out. This is to boost your color in between your spray tan appointment for a long lasting tan.

Have a backup for your face and hands

Due to the heavy duty of washing and cleansing the spray tan on hands and face tends to fade faster. It’s important to have a good self-tanner for the face which can also be used on your hands. This is because face self-tanners are lighter in formulation than body products so no need to worry about the color produced. After applying the self-tanner on your face and hands make sure you wipe your nails and palm to avoid residue.

Moisturizing is the key

If you hydrate your skin properly your glow will last longer. When moisturizing your skin ensure you use a basic lotion without oil. You can moisturize in the shower or right after.


After your tanning session ends take a shower with lukewarm water. Avoid shower gels since they leave behind residue on the skin which can greatly degrade the life of your tan. You should stick with the paper panties given to you for a few hours to avoid bikini lines which make your tan so uneven.

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