The PROS and CONS of spray tanning

The most efficient way to get a bronzed glow without any harmful effects of UV exposure is through spray tanning! We all know that overexposing your skin to the sun”s UV rays or tanning beds is a very risky affair. Spray tanning is the only way you can escape sun exposure and still attain a natural-looking tan. Most spray tanners are packed with nourishing and hydrating ingredients which softens, repairs and rejuvenate the skin. Spray tanning offers lots of benefits which include:

It’s instant

When using a spray tanner there is no need of baking yourself outside. You can easily adjust how many shades darker you want to be by spray tanning frequently. If you want a few shades darker you can opt to spray tan less frequently.

No UV rays

Spray tanning does not cause any damage to your skin since there is no exposure to UV radiation. Spray tanners are made from a chemical known as dihydroxyacetone which is approved by FDA since its safe on human skin. When using spray tanner you should be careful not to inhale the DHA since its effects are not clear according to CNN Health reports. You can use sunscreen to protect your skin and approved sunglasses to protect your eyes from any damage.

Even coverage

Spray -on tans are easy to manage especially if it’s administered by a professional in a salon. It provides   a very even coverage that looks so natural. With spray tanning you do not get the ugly red sunburns as it happens when using tanning beds. The bronzed glow starts to show within 12 hours after receiving the treatment.

It can stain your clothes

Tanning spray dries in about 15 minutes after the treatment. However, it’s a messy way to attain a healthy glow since it can stain your clothes as well as skin. Those who use tanning spray are advised to wash off the product immediately after application to avoid staining under the fingernails or their hands. Avoid being into contact with other areas in the house that can easily get stained.

It does not last for long

The color attained after using tanning spray only lasts for a few days. The DHA fades within a week as the dead skin cells are shed. This is expensive since you have to administer the spray more often. Spray tanning yourself is much cheaper than booking numerous appointments at the local tanning salon.


Spray tanning is fine in small doses and always use protective goggle, mouth gear and nose plugs. If you do not want the much hustle caused by the messy tanning spray you can always switch to self-tanning gel. Tanning sprays helps in hiding skin imperfections like stretch marks. This plays a big role in boosting your self-confidence.

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