The ten commandments of self-tanner

Many women have turned to self-tanning for that sun-kissed tan they yearn for. Often though, the first tanning session turns out to be a disaster in waiting. This can be caused by failing to follow all the given directions when applying the self-tanner, or just choosing the wrong product. Here are the ten commandments of self-tanning which may help you in your tanning journey.

1) Do everything first

Before applying any of your tanning products you should get a wax or manicure. These treatments can remove your self-tanner that’s why you should do it before.

2) Exfoliate

Exfoliation removes dead skin cells. This leaves a fresh surface for the self-tanner to sink into the skin giving a very nice even tan. You can exfoliate using skin brush focusing on rough surfaces like knee and elbow. After exfoliating you should not apply any oil based since it causes streaks since it leaves behind residues.

3) Dry off

After taking a shower towel off all the water. You should wait for 10 minutes until you 100% dry for better results. Applying any self-tanning product on wet skin will cause uneven tan.

4) Soften your skin

Before applying the self-tanner you should moisturize your skin a little. Use a lightweight lotion around specific parts like nostrils, knees and ankles. Apply the lotion on any other dry spot to prevent them from turning orange.

5) Pick your portion

Always choose a self-tanner for your skin tone in order to get your desired results. Mousse are the easiest to rub in but spray are the most preferred for hard to reach areas. Always remember that it can take even four applications before you get your desired shade.

6) Start at the bottom and work up

Do you want gorgeous sunless glows? Well this technique will give you that sun-kissed tan you yearn for. Clean your hands and smooth on the self-tanner in circular motion starting from ankle working your way up to your shoulders. This will prevent any patches and also saves your hands from too much straining.

7) Go easy on your face

Dab a small amount of the formula where you want a natural tan and blend with your fingers. You should be careful around the nose and above the top lips. These areas tend to pick up more color since they are drier than other areas. Wash your hands immediately after you finish applying.

8) Take time and add powder

After application take extra time for the formula to dry. Brush a talc-free powder all over to stop the tanner from transferring to your clothes. You should avoid sweating or taking a shower for 8 hours for worthwhile results.

9) Clean it

Mistakes always happen when applying the self-tanner. This doesn’t mean that you should start from scratch. Just rub half a lemon on the area for 3minutes then buff it with a damp soft towel. This will collect the mistake giving you a streak free tan.

10) Preserve it

To maintain your bronze wash your skin with a gentle cleanser. Always ensure that your skin is moisturized and avoid using acne treatments that can dissolve color on your face. If you want to refresh your skin you should start the cycle all over again for better results.


These are the 10 commandments of self-tanning that should be obeyed for a gorgeous tan. When using self-tanners always follow the directions given to avoid mistakes. Always remember that your skin tone is the sole determiner of the self-tanner to use for that glow you have been looking for.