The frequently asked questions about tan towels

Tan towels are towelettes that are infused with self-tanner. You can use the towelettes on your face and body to achieve a sexy look without exposure to the sun. The color begins to show in three to four hours after the application and it continues to develop for 24 hours. Many people have a lot of questions that are yet to be answered about tan towels. Here are the most common frequently asked questions.

1.     Do tan towels expire?

Towelette has no marked expiry date. They are well sealed to maintain the freshness and quality of the product. You only need to store the tan towel towelettes in a cool, dry environment and avoid opening them if you not using. We recommend using the towelettes for 24months. Many people have said that the towelettes even lasted longer. If the towelettes expire they will not produce any color on you after application and they do not harm your skin.

2.     Should moisturizing be before or after using the towelettes?

Tan towelettes should be applied on a clean dry skin. This simply means that you should not apply any lotion or make-ups since they leave a film barrier on your skin. You can use tan towel moisture mist since they are designed to work with tan towel self-tan. Wait for ten minutes before applying the tan towel moisture mist to avoid interrupting the tanning process.

3.     Can you re-use the towelettes after application?

The tan towelettes runs out of the formula once you open and use them. After using the towelettes do not dispose them off since there is a way you can use them until they are worn out without opening a fresh package. You can buy the tanning mist spray which works as a towelette formula re-loader to re-saturate your used dry towelette.

4.     Do towelettes contain sunscreen?

Tan towel towelettes do not contain sunscreen. If you planning to go out in the sun you should  try to time it so that your tan can develop for 4-6 hours before applying sunscreen. Using tanning towelettes before bed is highly recommended since you can easily manage the wait time.

5.     What is the difference between your classic and plus towelettes?

For those people who have fair to medium skin are advised to use classic towelettes since they contain DHA as the main tanning agent. The plus formula towelettes are recommended for those people with medium to dark or olive skin tones. The plus formula towelettes contain DHA and another added ingredient known as Erythrulose which is a color enhancer for the skin.


The tan towel towelette produces a color that lasts between 4-7 days before fading so evenly. You should exfoliate for a smooth application but not a requirement every time you are using towelettes. The tan towelettes can be used for both face and body. When applying you should ensure that the product does not get into your eyes or mouth. The above answered questions will help you understand tan towel towelettes better.