Pros and cons of tanning towelettes

Tanning towels has become so famous off late due to their high demand. They are UV free which has positively influenced their popularity. Tanning towels deliver a tan similar to that produced when using tanning beds or sun. They contain a self-tanner that gives you the bronzed glow in about 2-4 hours. When it comes to using tanning towels there are pros and cons that you should be familiar with!

a)     Application

Tanning towels has the tanning lotion saturated inside them. This spares you from the mess of squeezing tanning lotion from a bottle. Therefore the tanning towels are so easy to use and cleanup. You will need to use two or three tanning towels to cover your body from head to toe. This depends on your size and also the skin tone. After using the towelette you should dispose them off.

b)     The length of the tan

The dark color achieved after using tanning towels appears in the first few days and then fades off gradually. The tan lasts for a week which is the same amount of time a tan from a self-tanning lotion lasts. This is caused by skin exfoliation which occurs naturally thus removing the top layer that contains your tan. Tans achieved from tanning beds last longer since the UV rays penetrates further into your skin.

c)     Time

The time taken for tanning towel tan to develop is same to time taken by self-tanning lotion. The color starts to show within 2 to 4 hours after application which is a plus since a real tan takes longer to develop. However, the con of using tanning towel is failing to expose your skin to water for about 4 hours after the application. If your skin comes into contact with water your tan becomes blotchy and uneven.

d)     Price

Tanning towels are a bit too expensive than the ordinary self-tanning lotion. The tan towels ranges from $ 25 to $ 200 while a bottle of self-tanning lotion goes for as little as $ 10.Many people feels that the price is really high but after considering the benefits of  using towelettes they realize it’s worth it.


Many people find it difficult to devote a window of time just for the tan development. It’s important to keep a mental note of the areas you have already applied the towelettes to avoid missing some spots. For a gorgeous even tan you should work from a larger area of your body and work out from there. Pay close attention to any dry spot since they tend to absorb more tanning formula thus becoming darker in color than other areas in your body making you look patchy.